Plantar Warts

If it is causing discomfort/pain or you want it removed, there are a number of ways: debridement by your Podiatrist, application of silver nitrate, cryotherapy, home wart treatment from a Pharmacy.
Your Podiatrist will be able to discuss each option with you in depth to determine the best treatment pathway for you.

Warts are caused by a virus and can occur at any age, but are most common in children. There are multiple treatment options available, from gentle to strong. We will devise a treatment plan to suit you and your activities.

Some of the wart treatment options include:

  • Do nothing  about 65 per cent of warts clear up by themselves within two years, without any medical intervention. However, new warts occur three times as frequently in infected children as in uninfected ones. This ‘wait and see’ approach isn’t recommended for people with multiple warts, or for those who have had their warts for more than two years.
  • Topical (applied to the skin) chemicals  such as salicylic acid or lactic acid. Some topical agents can be harmful to healthy skin tissue, which means they are best applied by your doctor or dermatologist or with extreme care. Other topical agents can be applied yourself. It may take three months or more for the treatment to get rid of the warts.

How do our Podiatrist help?

  • Remove Callous - Most plantar warts develop callous above the wart. This callous can reduce the affect of topical chemicals. 
  • Apply salicylic acid or silver nitrate
  • Reduce pain - We can add tempory padding to footwear to reduce pressure on the affected area. 

Examples of home wart treatments which you are able to purchase over the counter at any Pharmacy include:

-Warteze (a form of cryotherapy/freezing of the wart to remove it. Apply once every 2 weeks)

-Scholl Wart Removal: a disc medicated with Salicylic acid which you apply directly to the water and cover with a plaster which is provided. Leave plaster in place for up to 48 hours. Do not apply to broken skin, healthy skin and not to be used by Diabetics.

- Wart-Off Paint: A salicylic and lactic acid combination to be used with extreme care as it can cause infection, especially to healthy surrounding skin. Mask the area around the wart and apply a small amount of paint, then cover the wart so it is unable to breath. This product is recommended to be applied once daily with care. If there are any problems, see your GP or Podiatrist immediately.

- Wart-Off Freeze: a cryotherapy/freezing treatment. Apply as directed on instruction leaflet.


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