Fungal Nails

Nail changes on one or more nails, including: brittleness, discoloration, thickening, change of nail shape, crumbling of the nail, debris being trapped under the nail or loosening (detaching) of the nail may indicate a fungal nail infection. Fungal nail infections may be difficult to treat and may recur often. Toenails are affected more often than fingernails.

There are many fungal nail treatments available to you over the counter in any Pharmacy, which do not require a prescription. Each treatment can take 12 months and requires you to keep your nail back as short as possible and to clean and dry the area thoroughly before use.

Each product may require you to apply it differently, e.g. once a day, once a week, twice a day and with or without filing the nail first- however you should continue to use all treatments for 2 weeks after symptoms have disappeared to prevent recurrence.

Here are some of the available treatments from a Pharmacy however you should always consult your Podiatrist first:

- Canestan fungal nail treatment set: a 2 phase treatment which lasts for approx 7 weeks

-Dermanail Fungistop: Apply twice daily

- Ego Resolve Solution: Apple 2-3 times days. Free from Parabens, colours, fragrance.

- Loceryl nail treatment set: Apple once or twice weekly. Not recommended whilst pregnant or breatfeeding

- Rejuvenail: apply and leave on for 6 hours then wash off. Not recommended whilst pregnant or breatfeeding and in children under 18 years.

You should always read the label and use as directed. Speak to your Podiatrist, Pharmacist or GP if you are unsure.


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